05 August, 2009

Ireland's Other Returns! (Or Blog 2: Blog Harder)

For months now, the interwebs have been a-buzz with rumours of the return of this very blog... And today, I am happy to announce the grand re-opening after more than a year!

Please, hold you applause. I suppose you are wondering why the long absence? Well, maybe I became disillusioned after the no vote in the Lisbon referendum and left the country. Or maybe Declan Ganley put out a contract on me for revealing his true lizard-man nature. Or maybe I just got a bit bored or distracted and forgot I had a blog to begin with.

But I've remembered now! How lucky you are! My only regret is missing all the crazy stuff that's happened over the last thirteen months. The global financial crisis (capitalism must be almost certainly nearly dead by now) local and European elections (ha, take that, Fianna Fáil!), the US presidential election (phew!), the local and European elections again (ha, take that, Mr. Ganley!)... and all the other non-political stuff too.

So rest easy in the knowledge that, in these times of global recession, blasphemy laws and self-cleaning underwear, there is still one man who will dare to write some mildly amusing paragraphs about everything that's going on. If he doesn't get home from work too late. And there's nothing good on telly.

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