15 May, 2008

Scientology Update

I recently posted this here nugget about a supposed contract one must sign before being allowed to be in the movie-stars-and-delusionals-only club (which shall not be named for fear of their terrible litigious reputation). (Oh shit, I already named them in the subject line. Oh well, maybe they won't notice.)
Well! If I didn't get a helpful little comment! (All too rare, these comments. I think maybe my massive readership are a bit intimidated by my scathing wit and obvious intellect.) This comment was kind enough to direct me to the nearest Church of Sientology Mission, you know the one, on Abbey Street where the guy used to ask you if you wanted a free personality test. Apparently they hold meetings there which are accessible by the great unwashed, and the one detailed in the comments section was last Saturday at 11am.
I'm not sure how to take this, frankly. Was this a helpful hint from a fellow civilian, pointing me towards what may have been a richly informative morning activity? Or was it one of those freaky brainwashed individuals you see on YouTube shouting at innocent ashtrays
I may never know. You see, I just recently overcame my issues with the Sony corporation and bought a Playstation 3 with GTA4. And now I don't leave the house besides to go to work. So you see, I missed that meeting last weekend... But I'm kinda sorry I did. While I'm not the joiner type myself and frankly know more than enough to have put me off the idea already, I'd still be interested to sit in and watch the happenings anonymously. And then blog about them. Ah well, maybe next time the Church of Christian Science will get in touch, they sound like loopers as well.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, it wasn't quite a meeting... Saturday was Operation: FairGameStop’, the fourth in a series of global protests against the Church of Scientology.