19 May, 2008

WWII a Gay Conspiracy, says Right Wing Christian Fundie

Yes, it's another example of Poe's Law. Except anyone who wrote this as parody is seriously fucked up! Mind you, even if it's not parody, it's still evidence of a depraved fantasy life on the part of the imaginative authors. I was especially struck by the following passage:

"The "Butch" homosexual guards and capos were capable of unrestrained cruelty, sadism and savagery. A guard at Auschwitz, for instance, strangled, crushed and gnawed to death as many as 100 boys and young men a day while raping them at his leisure."

Leisure? Leisure??! That sound like bloody hard work to me!! 100 boys in a day?? That is truly herculean! Actually, reminds me a bit of this guy...

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